Heat Pumps

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is the world’s first long-term financial support programme for incentivising the implementation of renewable heat energy. The RHI pays people that generate and use renewable energy to heat their properties, the mission being to greatly increase the generation of heat from renewable rather than fossil fuels and help the UK reduce greenhouse gas emissions that effect climate change.

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Hybrid System

Reduced energy bills because when it’s cold outside the combination boiler will work so the air source does not have to work as hard and when it’s warmer outside the air source heat pump will work. 

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Biomass Boilers offer a carbon-neutral alternative to traditional electricity or gas heating for your property. Used in the home, this simple but very effective technology can be an incredibly cost-effective solution when compared with traditional fossil fuel boilers. Burning logs or wood pellets, the boilers emit only the same amount of Carbon Dioxide as the plants and trees growing around us.

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Solar panels have become increasingly popular among people looking to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ by using a renewable source of electricity. The electricity produced by home-installed solar panels can be used to power any of the day-to-day appliances that you currently in use within your home.

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