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Renewable Energy explained

At Broad Oak we offer you reliable, no-nonsense, independent advice on finding the right renewable energy solutions for your property. But what exactly does “renewable energy” (also referred to as ‘renewables’, ‘sustainable energy’, ‘green energy’ and ‘microgeneration’) mean in 2014?

Well, essentially it means any energy generated at a source from where the energy is naturally replenished. In terms of ‘renewables’ for the home, the most common energy sources and types are as follows:

  • Sunlight (Solar energy)
  • Heat locked in the ground, water or air (Thermal energy)
  • Plants (Biomass or Biofuel energy)
  • Waste decomposition (Anaerobic digestion energy)
  • Movement of water (Hydropower energy)
  • Movement of wind (Wind energy/wind power)

It is estimated that renewable energy now accounts for 16% of global energy.

“Talk to the Experts”

When you are seeking advice it’s paramount you talk to someone you can trust. Broad Oak has built a reputation as a highly credible, reliable and personable source of information and advice regarding domestic energy use in the UK. We can design the optimal renewable energy systems for your property, facilitating lower fuel bills thanks to less reliance on ‘the grid’ as well as allowing you access to various government incentives, bringing you further financial benefits for going green.

As well as simply discussing with you ways of reducing your energy bills and how to get the best value for money using the latest renewable technologies, we can also advise whether you are entitled to any government funding.

With our professional, friendly service, our experienced staff will provide you with complete peace of mind – from your initial call to the final installation – that you’ve chosen the best energy solutions for your budget and your property. All of this only happens after discussing all of your available options with our experts. We are here to help you along with every step of the process, so get in touch today and make that first step towards a brighter, cleaner and less costly future.

Solar PV & Thermal, Biomass, Ground Source Heat Pumps

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