About Broad Oak

Who are we..?

We are an installer of Heating and Insulation measures. We have been helping homeowners under various scheme’s for the last 8 years. We are very reputable installers who have all the relevant accreditation’s in place and all of our installs are independently checked upon completion for your peace of mind. All our work is done in house by our own team of professionally trained Surveyors and Engineers

Excellence and Professionalism

We also have our own UK Call Centre to help you to deal with any questions you may have or for any advice you may need during your application process.

Insured and Guaranteed

All the products, Insulation and Boilers we install are by some of the worlds best known manufactures backed with at least a 12 to 24 month warranty on parts, product and labour. 

Solar PV & Thermal, Biomass, Ground Source Heat Pumps

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