Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

Receive a fully or partially funded boiler replacement on the ECO scheme.

The ECO scheme was launched by the government; this is to make the large energy companies to reduce emissions and to reduce energy bills and save energy by various measures.

The main measure we can help you with is the boiler replacement; we can offer you a free or partially funded boiler replacement depending on your circumstances.

If you have any enquires or require any additional information please do not hesitate to call our Energy Team on 01782 550371.

Why choose Broad Oak?

We have been installing boilers on the ECO scheme since January 2013 and on previous schemes before that. We install between 40-70 boilers a week as well as full central heating systems.

We have a dedicated team of engineers, as well as a dedicated call our 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.

  1. To Qualify Options:

To qualify for the ECO scheme you or a member of the house hold must have the following benefits.

Qualifying Benefits

ECO: Help to Heat: The consumer must meet one of the following criteria:

(a) Income-Related Emplyoment and Support Allowance

(b) Income-Based Seeker's Allowance

(c) Income Support

(d) State Pension Credit (in receipt of Pension Credit Guarentee Credit or both Guarentee Credit and Savings Credit

(e) Tax Credits, and meet the income threshold, as per the table below:

(f) Universal Credit, and meets the income threshold, as per the table below:


Household Composition                   Total Credit Recipients                  Universal Credit Recipients

Gross Income (Annual)                         Net Earned Income (monthly)

1 Adult                                                                   £13,200                                                       £1,100

and 1 Children                                                           £17,400                                                           £1,450

and 2 Children                                                           £21,600                                                           £1,800

and 3 Children                                                           £25,800                                                          £2,150

and 4 or more Children                                           £30,000                                                          £2,500

2 Adults                                                                £19,800                                                     £1,650

and 1 Children                                                           £24,000                                                          £2,000

and 2 Children                                                          £28,200                                                          £2,350

and 3 Children                                                          £32,400                                                          £2,700

and 4 or more Children                                          £36,600                                                          £3,050

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